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Make money with Amazon Affiliate

In my previous blog “Affiliate Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners” I told you that Affiliate marketing is the best ever option to make a huge amount of money online.

Various affiliate program you can join to make money like, amazon affiliate, share a sale, click bank etc.

  1. In this blog, we will discuss the Amazon affiliate program.
  2. How to join Amazon affiliate?
  3. How to promote Amazon affiliate products on your blog, websites, youtube channel or social media platforms to make money from it?

The most important thing you need to make money with affiliate marketing(Amazon Affiliate) is that you must have a blog or website, youtube channel, or social media pages with thousands of followers.

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Make money with Amazon Affiliate

Make money with Amazon Affiliate 7

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is a good option by which you can make money online faster.

Today most of the blogger, youtube, and social media influencer are connected with Amazon Affiliate Marketing and also earning a huge amount of money from it.

The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program boosts your online Earning Source so that you do not need to be dependent only on Google Adsense or other advertising networks to make money online.

By joining the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, you can easily promote and sell products through Your Blog, YouTube Channel, or Social Media Sites and you can earn according to your selling.

Create An Account To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

It’s very simple. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 01- Amazon Affiliate Program

Search “Amazon affiliate” on Google or click on

You will be redirected to the Amazon associate program.

After you open the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Page, you get an option of Join Now for Free at the top right corner s shown in the image.

So click on Join Now for Free Option.

Step 02- Fill Your Account Information


If you are new to Amazon, first of all, you have to enter Account Information for your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Enter your Name, valid Email Id, and Password. Enter a password that you can easily remember.

If you have already created an account on Amazon before, then you can directly sign in to Amazon affiliate using the same Email Id and password.

Step 03- Fill your Basic Information

Now you have to fill your Basic Information in the Page of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. It divides into the Page 4 Parts, which contains the Account Information First Part, which you have just filled up, now you have to give information about Website & Mobile App List.

First of all, you have to enter your Payee Name, Address, and Mobile Number. After this, you get the questions that you have to answer –


Q. 1- Who is the Main Contact for this Account?

In this form, you are given two options, for which you have to choose an option-

Option 01–  The Payee Listed Above.
If you are creating an account for yourself, then you have to choose the First Option.

Option 02–  Anyone Else-I Need To Enter Their Information
If you are creating an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Account for someone else, then you can click on this option to enter their information.

Q. 2- For U.S. Tax Purpose. Are you a U.S. Person?

You are given two options for this question. Yes or No If you live in the US then you can tick on the option of Yes and if you live in another country like India, then you can tick on No’s option. Give it

After filling out the given boxes on this page, you have to click the  “Next”  option, now you have a new page open in front of you. In this page, you have to give information about your website and Android App.

If you have both Website and Android App, you can fill both of them here and if you have only one of these two things then you can create your own account from that.

In the website of Website- you have to write your website address if you have more than one website, you can add it here too.

After filling out the information, you can click on Next option. Now, if you look up, two parts of your Amazon Affiliate Program have been filled.

Step 04- Enter your Profile Information

in this page, you will be asked several questions like: –

Store Id

Inside this box, you can enter some numbers which you can use as your store id.


What is your Website or Android App about?

In this box, you have to write a small description of your website.

Which of the Following Topic best Describe your Website or Android App?

In this box, you are given some options where you have to see which of the categories of your blog is more beneficially fitted. You can also select Category as well as Primary Category.

What type of Amazon Items do you intend to list on your Website or Android App?

In this box, you have to select some items. You can use these items for Promotion on your website later. You can also select all the items for better results, from which you become Abel to Promote any item in Future.


What type of your Website or Android App?

You are asked the type of your website in which you have given some options. So if you are a blogger then you can select Blog option. From which Amazon can Provide Ads in HTML Codes to Add You to Your Blog.

There are some basic options like this: you can read them by filling them and then filling the given Captcha Code and clicking on the option of “Finish”.

Now your Amazon Affiliate Account is created. And you are provided a User Id.

Please note this Id because 24 hours after Amazon verifies your website again and asks you to do this Code. By which your Amazon Affiliate Account becomes Active and you can add products to Amazon from your website and increase your Earning.

Fill Up Your Bank Details For Payment

In order to fill the Bank Details in the Amazon Affiliate Account, you have to open the page of  Start Usage Associates Accounts, after which you are asked if you want to enter your payment information now or later.

After clicking on the option of Now, you are given some options that you have to fill like:

Organisation Type: In Organization Type, you have to tell whether you are creating a Personal Account or corporation

Your Payment Method 

This option is more important to you because you can fill your bank information with this option. First of all, you have to tick on the option of “Pay me by NEFT”  and you have a box open in front of which you have to enter your Bank Information like – your bank name, bank location, bank account number etc.


After filling all this information, you have to click on the submit button. Amazon takes 24 hours to check and review your blog or website whether it is eligible for Amazon associate program or not.

Don’t worry Amazon usually approves all type of blog and website for its affiliate marketing program.

After Getting Approval From Amazon Associate

Log in to Amazon Associate.


Search for any product on the search bar that you want to promote on your blog.

Select your product and click on ‘Get Link’ button.

A new page will open on which you will get three option to get the product link like, text and image, text only and image the only format.


Choose the format you like. But text and image format are better for blog and website.

Then copy the HTML code and use it on your blog.

If you like to promote affiliate product on your social media platform(Facebook page) or on your Youtube channel, then select the ‘Text Only’ format to get the short link of that product.

Copy the short link and paste it on your social media page or youtube channel.

How To Promote Affiliate Products O Your Blog?

In affiliate marketing, you promote different products on your blog or website. So that your blog should be based upon a specific niche.

For Example –

You have a passion to write about health and fitness tips for your readers, then you can promote health and fitness products on your blog.

If your blog is based on making reviews of books, then promote these kinds of books on your blog.

The best method to promote any Affiliate product on your Blog is that you publish a review article about that product(including benefit, losses etc.) on your blog so that your reader/customer can easily understand the entire information about that product.

As a result, there is more chance for your customer to buy your affiliate products.

To make money from Affiliate Marketing on Blog or Website, you should have good Traffic. Because not everyone who comes to your blog will buy your affiliate product.

I hope you got all the idea of creating an account on Amazon affiliate, getting product link to promote on your platform and to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing program.

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