how to start blogging

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How To Start Blogging? A Step By Step Guide For Beginners.

Blogging is not only about making interaction with people, sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences online on the internet.

You can make money online by blogging and most of the people today are doing so.

Everybody wants to do a part-time job in today’s time to earn a little extra money.

Therefore blogging would be the best option to make money online working 2-3 hours a day from home.

There are only a few people who are searching for online part time jobs, though there are plenty of online part-time jobs available like Survey Jobs, online captcha solving jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs and many more jobs.

But in this article we will talk about the which has become very popular in recent times, it is blogging.

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how to start blogging

how to start blogging?

4 basic things you must have to start your own blog.

  1. A computer or laptop
  2. Internet Connection
  3. A Domain Name
  4. Hosting Plan

How to Choose A Great Domain Name?

The domain name is the address of your site like the domain name of my site is It’s a top-level domain.

You can purchase your unique domain name from various domain name provider like Godaddy, BigRock etc.

The most important thing you should keep in mind by choosing a domain name is that your domain name should be short and easy to remember as possible.

Often, looking at the new blogger domain name, many mistakes are done, always remember that your domain name should have all this information, then only take your domain name.

Never take a nonsense domain name which is slow to speak or never take a domain name that has a lot of dashes like ‘’. It will not be remembered but something like ‘‘ is easy for you to remember and will immediately come to the tongue.

Choose a domain name that best suits our niche of blogging. This is best for SEO point of view to make visible your blog in search engine.

For Example-

I choose my domain as because I like to share my knowledge and experience in making money/cash online faster, affiliate marketing and blogging guides through my blogs.

If you have decided to start a blog related to health niche, then choose your name as health tips, healthy life like this.

The extension of your domain name may be different(.com, .org, .net etc). but if you are starting a personal blog, then .com is mostly preferred.

What Is Web Hosting?

Let’s understand web hosting with a simple example.

Suppose you bought a plot that you built your house on it, added a lot of things but that house would not have any advantage till it would have a right address.

If someone has to contact you, then he will come to your address or if you have to invite somebody then you will give him your address.

If we look at this thing in the virtual world, the domain name is the address you can give to the people to invite them to your own website. Web hosting is your place in the house where you keep adding your posts and articles here.

Now you understand that a domain name and a web hosting is completely necessary for building a website or blog.

NOTE: It requires some money for buying a domain name and web hosting plan. But if you are a beginner you can make your blog in Blogger and which is completely free for all.

There are some disadvantages of creating a blog on these platforms or any other free blogging platform.

  1. Because it is really difficult to create a professional blog on free blogging platforms.
  2. Difficulties in making SEO of your blog.
  3. You will have to compromise with a sub-domain like Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly etc. As different blogging platforms provide different subdomains.
  4. You do not have control over your content.
  5. Difficult for advertising and making money out of it.

Free blogging platforms are better for learning purposes.

If you are really looking to make money through blogging, then buy a domain name and a hosting plan to create your own professional blog.

How To Install WordPress?

how to start blogging 1

You will have an email shortly after you take your Domain Name and Hosting in which you will aware about your C-panel in your Web Hosting account. you have to click on the given link and log in to your C-panel.

As soon as you go to your c-panel, you will see that the option will be available softaculous software installation. you have to click on the same option and go to the blog’s option to click on WordPress so that you will be able to install WordPress in your blog.

After installing your WordPress, you will receive an email, which will contain your login information, you will have to click on the link given to log in to your WordPress blog, that link will be. You will have a screen show in which you need to enter your username and password.

How To Design Your Blog In WordPress?

If you have set up your blog, now you will learn to use WordPress. I assure you that it is very easy and fun.

When you first go to your WordPress dashboard, it will look something like this.

Dashboard:  This is where you can track all your posts, comments, pages, you can see on the screen like you can write a quick draft, but how do I use the dashboard correctly?

how to start blogging 2

Posts:  This is where you will be able to write a post for your blog and edit your old or new posts.

Pages:  This is where you can create a permanent page for your blog. Such as services, contact us, About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and all these things can be managed.

Media: This is where all the images, Videos, Audio inserted by you will be available. You can also go to this section and edit all the things you have inserted.

Comments:  Here you can manage comments made on your blog.

Appearance:  Here you can change the theme, layout of your blog and also make changes to them. This is the place where you can design and customize your blog.

Plugins:  This section makes WordPress so special, the plugin is a small software script for adding any extra features such as Google Analytics, SEO by Yoast, making contact us page, inserting and designing header and footer etc.

This makes your blog more user-friendly and well designed.

Settings:  This is the last section of the Dashboard, here you can manage your general settings like editing site name title email address, inserting header and footers and other necessary things.

How To Customize The Layout Of Your Blog In WordPress?

If you want to make your blog successful, it is very important to look good with its theme and layout, your theme should be responsive so that any person who visits your site, whether it is on a desktop or on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

There are a lot of free themes ready for WordPress, you just have to search the theme of your account of going to the theme section of Appearance.

how to start blogging 3

though this work may seem very easy to you it is also very difficult. We can not find the theme of our calculation many times. While searching for themes, keep these things in mind:

Themes suit your subject, such as an image theme for image blog, clear theme for the Castle blog, sports theme for sports blogs.

I like the feature filter option very well to search WordPress theme, in this, you can search the theme according to your convenience.

Once you like the theme you like, you can install it. The option of install will be shown only when you have the cursor above the theme.

After the theme is installed you have to activate it, in this way you will be able to install a theme of your choice.

How To Install Plugins In WordPress?

Plugins are small software, in WordPress, which you install to give extra features to your blog. You can do some such things by the plugins.

  • Adding sidebar, footer, header to your blog
  • Adding a contact form
  • Decreasing spam comment
  • Making Your Blog SEO Friendly
  • Adding photo gallery etc.

how to start blogging

The plugin is easy to install, you have to click the plugins and press the button ‘Add new’.

After this, you can search the plugin for anything using the keyword

When you find the plugin, click on the install button on it and activate it later as we did the theme activating.

Most Important Plugins You Should Install

SEO Plugins: Helps you to on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. You can use a free version of Yoast SEO, All in One SEO etc.

Contact form: It helps to make your contact page on your blog through which your visitors can contact you.

Akismet anti-spam: Akismet is quite possibly the best plugin to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics plugin for WordPress helps you to See how visitors find and use your website, so you can keep them coming back.

WPS Hide Login: This plugin Protect your website by changing the login URL and preventing access to the wp-login.php page and wp-admin directory while not logged-in.

Smush: Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your page loading speed.

W3 Total Cache: It improves the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

How To Create Your New Blog Post?

To write a post, move the cursor over the post button and just click on ‘Add new’.

The next screen will look something like this-

how to start blogging


You have to type the title of your post in the box at the top and the rest of the rest of the content in the big box below.

You can save your half-written post at any time in the draft, which you can publish by publishing in the future, for that you have to click the Save Draft button in the box given in your right-hand side.

Add Media

To add images, videos, audio or any file to your post, you will have to click on the button of the Add media.

There you will see two options on the Media Library (where the images or files you already have uploaded) will be available. The second option will be uploaded, from which you can upload images or files from the computer directory.

Once your uploaded image is displayed on the media editor. You can edit its title, alt text and insert it in the post.

How to add links to your blog?

It’s a great way to add links to other sites, to share content or to interlink your content.
To add a link, click on the icon that looks like a chain, you will see a pop-up screen will open when you have to click on the link in the URL and the text in the link text above which you link it to is.

How To Edit the font?

You can also change the text of bold, italic, underline or text in the WordPress editor, in just one click.

You can also change the color of texts.

The “Paragraph” option defaults to write your blog posts. If you want to make headings, then select the texts that you want to make a heading and choose the options H1, H2, H3, H4 below to the paragraph option on the dashboard on your post box.

How To Make your blog search friendly?

There are many ways to make the blog friendly, which is a whole subject, but by making our blog search friendly here, it means that its permalinks are corrected and spam comments are removed.

Permalinks are the backbone of any site, like if your permalinks look weird. ‘’ Google will also not give priority to your site in its results.

Therefore, we should always show our permalinks in the settings, our site will always show related permalinks from the post, there you will find options for how to show permalinks. Except the default and numeric, you can choose any option you like.

Many people approve spam comments on their blogs, most of these comments are sent by bots which advertisements for any service or product.

You should not approve such comments and delete them.
To manage comments you go to the section in the setting in the setting and manage the comments accordingly.

How To Make Your Blog Successful?

As you have now set up your blog since no or very fewer visitors come to your blog. What will happen?

You can’t generate revenue from it.

To make your blog successful, you need to follow some basic tips given below.

Connect your blog to social media sites, and you integrate the page of your Facebook / Google Plus page on your blog.

Try to reply and comment back if someone comments on your blog. Be frank and responsive to your visitors so that your visitors will attract to your blogs again and again.

Create quality backlinks on Quora and different popular sites to attract more visitors to your blogs.

By leaving the old G-Mail ID, create your professional ID with your domain name.

Go to the forums and make a contribution and give a link to your blog.

Share your content on a site like Reddit, Quora, Stumbleupon etc.


Blogging is a vast topic and it can’t understand in a single post. This was all about the basics of blogging(how to set up a blog and write posts on it), especially in WordPress.

I hope you enjoy this post.

If you have any question related to this post, then don’t hesitate to comment us.

Thank You.

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