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“AFFILIATE MARKETING” Now this is the most trending topic in the field of Online Marketing.

When it comes to the topic of Making money online or online marketing, then Affiliate Marketing seems to be the best and most recommended option for us.

By reading this article you will be able to know about:

  • what is affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing works?
  • How to start affiliate marketing?
  • How can anybody earn money from affiliate marketing?

Don’t worry you have come to the right place. Just read the article thoroughly, I will clear all your doubts related to the term Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

For example, you have to choose a product that you like. Then promote that product through any of your own platforms like your website, youtube channel or social media.

Whenever someone visits your website and clicks on that affiliate link to make a purchase, you earn some commission.

If you really want to earn money through affiliate marketing it would be better to have a website to promote affiliate products.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

The process of affiliate marketing can be better understood in the diagram given below.

affiliate marketing

1) Customer visits the affiliate’s website.

2) The customer sees the advertising link or banner and clicks on it.

3) The click is tracked by the affiliate network and a cookie is placed on the customer’s device to identify them as being referred by an affiliate network.

4) The customer completes his online purchase for the product.

5) The Advertiser reports the sale to the affiliate network as there is a cookie present.

6) The affiliate network pays the commission to the affiliate(the publisher) as per the agreement.

7) The affiliate gets the commission.

Four parties are generally involved in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, the affiliate network, the advertiser and the buyer.

1) The Affiliate: The affiliate(or publisher) maybe you, me or an individual who contracts with the advertiser (or merchant) in order to help sell that advertisers product.

The product may be anything someone will pay for, whether clothing, automobile products, software, gadgets or information.

2) The Advertiser: An individual (or company) who has a product, and in this case, uses affiliate programs to sell his products.

Usually, the advertiser takes all responsibility for recording, storing and delivering the product to the customer.

3) The Affiliate Network: The affiliate network plays a vital role in all the processes of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate link is generated through affiliate network and whenever someone clicks on the link, it is tracked by the affiliate network and diverted to the advertiser’s website.

The affiliate network also pays the commission to the affiliate member as a reward for generating the sale.

4) The buyer or customer: Anyone who visits the affiliate’s website, sees the link or banner and makes a purchase of the product by clicking the affiliate link.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money From It?

This is so simple. You just need to follow the 5 easy steps to start affiliate marketing.

1. Choose your niche according to your interest

It may be about tech, beauty, gardening, sports, health and fitness, education, automobile or anything else in which you have a better knowledge.

You should choose your niche according to your interest because you have to write beautiful contents about it.

2. Build your website

If you are a programmer and have better knowledge about coding languages like c++, Java, HTML, CSS, MySQL, etc then it’s an easy work for you to build a website.

If you don’t have any idea about programming, then no need to be worried. You can make a beautiful website with the help of WordPress. It’s so easy to make a website through WordPress.

3. Sign up for an affiliate program

The next step is to sign up for the affiliate program that you have decided to join.

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4. Write contents

Write beautiful and well-arranged contents for your readers. Put the affiliate link of goods and products that you want to promote on your website.

5. Drive more traffic to your website

This is the most important step to follow. You did everything well since there are no visitors to your site. Then what will happen? You can’t earn money at all.

Make SEO of your website so that it will rank in the Google search result on a particular keyword. Share your posts on social media to get traffic.

Many online companies who sell products such as clothes, jewelry, books, electronics gadgets or some other service, usually offer an affiliate program. Not all companies offer an affiliate program.

You can join the most popular Amazon affiliate, Flipkart affiliate or Clickbank to start.

You can simply sign up for the program and search for the product to get your unique tracking link(also called an affiliate link).

Now, whenever you are writing about their products on your website or blog, you can simply use this special tracking affiliate link.

Readers visit your website to read the contents and clicks on the affiliate link to buy products.

After a successful purchase, you get your commission to your affiliate account which can be further redeemed to your bank account that has been linked to your affiliate account.

How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

This completely depends upon how much traffic you generate on your website. The more traffic you generate the more customer you will find and hence the money you can earn. Let me tell you that, there is no limit on earning money through affiliate marketing.

Do you know, affiliate marketing can make you rich. Most of the blogger, YouTuber, and online marketer uses affiliate marketing as a major source of online income. They are making more than thousands dollar per month.

Harsh Agrawal an Indian blogger and co-founder of earns more than $30,000 per month through affiliate marketing only.

Tips For Sure Success In Affiliate Marketing:

Alright! Now I understood everything about affiliate marketing. Then what to do for getting success in affiliate marketing?

If you really want to make money through affiliate marketing, I will recommend the following 11 pro tips in short for you.

1) Know your readers

2) Focus on your contents

3) Stay updated

4) Be trustworthy

5) Select affiliate products carefully

6) Try different affiliate programs

7) Learn about the products you are promoting

8) Make plans

9) Build a team and work together

10) Be Patient

11) Love what you are doing

I hope you got a better understanding of affiliate marketing and to generate revenue from it. Then don’t be late and start today.

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