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Looking to make money from Youtube? Then this article is specially written for you.

I believe that youtube is the biggest and most popular platform to make money online.

I too also make money from youtube and anybody who have some knowledge, ideas, and talents in any specific fields can make money from youtube.

Youtube is a free and open platform for all. You can learn from youtube and you can earn from youtube.

By reading this article you will be able to know:

1) The complete guide about “How to make money from Youtube?”

2) How much can be earned from Youtube?

3) How to get paid from Youtube?

4) Other possible ways to make money on youtube.

5) Important terms and policies of youtube.

Can you imagine how much money can you earn from youtube?

Pewdiepie a famous youtube channel earns more than $15 million in a year by doing only games reviews and vlogs. He has more than 50 million subscribers in his channel with the ruby play button.

Lili Singh better known as superwoman earns $11.5 million in a year.

The most shocking fact is that Ryan a six-year-old primary school kid earns $11 million has more than 10 million subscribers. He just opens toys and reviews them on youtube.

There are thousands of YouTubers who are earning millions of dollar from youtube.

I have seen children of 10years/11years are earning from youtube by making funny animated videos, game reviews, etc. So why not you?

So I am really excited to share my knowledge and experience about “Making Money on Youtube”. Are you ready to spend 2 minutes?


Earning money from youtube is not an overnight job. The money will not happen on the first day of starting your YouTube channel. I will give you a proper guidance from starting a youtube channel to earning money from it and all the necessary things you should know about youtube as a content creator.


Its free to create a youtube channel. Just you need to have a Gmail account for logging to youtube. And then it’s a few second works.

1) open from your browser

2) sign in to youtube through your Gmail account

3) on the left sidebar click on “my channel”

4) enter your name and press on “create a channel”

A new window will open like this, where you have to enter your channel name.

Choosing a name for your youtube channel is most important.

Before creating a youtube channel, be sure about which type of contents you are going to show on youtube. It is better to choose a name for your channel according to the content category you have and should be as unique as possible. You can choose your channel name as your name

It doesn’t matter what your channel name is. But for SEO point of view, you should keep your youtube channel name matching to your content category.

For example:

Suppose your name is JOHN.

And you are going to create a youtube channel which is all about technology.

Then choose your channel name as Techy John, Technical John, Tech Master, Tech Talks, like this. From channel name, it should be clear that which type of contents you have in your youtube channel or your channel is about which topics.

5) Enter your channel name and select the category.

Now you are done. You have created your own youtube channel.



First of all select a niche related to your hobby and passion for work.

If you are a singer, let people know how beautifully you sing.

If you are a dancer, then show your talent to the world.

Love to play games, then make reviews of games.

If you are a teacher, then make tutorial videos and teach the world online.

If you are a gym trainer, then train people to build muscles and health.

If you love to make a comedy, then bring smiles to the face of people.

If you are a computer programmer, then teach people about programming.

Love to travel and explore different places, then make video vlogs.

I just tried to give you a few examples of some niche about which you can create your content. There are hundreds of ideas to make videos on youtube. I will say that you can earn money on youtube for anything that you love to do.



1) Login to youtube and go to your creator studio.

2) Click the video icon on the top right corner of your dashboard as shown in the image.

3) Choose the video file from your system folder that you want to upload.

4) Your video will be uploaded and processed automatically by youtube. In this meantime, you write the title your title in the title box.

5) It is better to describe something about your content and write it inside the description box.

6) Write some tags for your video in the tag box. Your tag should be related to your title and content.

How To Choose Tags For Youtube Videos?

You should choose tags for your video which is most searchable on youtube.

For example:- When you search “how to earn money from youtube” on youtube search bar, it automatically displays a drop-down option for all the searches made by people on the related topic. These words can be used as tags.

NOTE:- Title, Description, and Tags plays an important role in bringing your videos on youtube search result. Because the algorithm of youtube tries to find out the keyword from your title, description, and tags, then it brings on the search result.

People make spamming on the title, description, and tags for getting more views. But youtube is too smart. The algorithm of youtube is so advanced that it knows everything and such channels who do spam on youtube got suspended.



On January 16, 2018, youtube announced new eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program. Once your channel reaches 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers it will be reviewed to join the program.

If you have achieved this milestone, then you are eligible to apply for the partner program.



Go to channel section present in the left sidebar.

On monetization, tab Click on “enable” button.

Youtube will show this type of window.

It takes a week to review a channel. Youtube checks whether your views are genuine or fake. Fake means, if you have subscribed views from any third party program then your youtube views will not be considered as genuine. So, don’t join any third party program to get views on youtube.

If everything is Ok, then your channel will be monetized within a week. After monetization advertisements are shown in your videos. Advertisers pay Google (as Youtube is a product of Google) to show ads on your videos. When someone clicks or watches those ads you are paid.



How much youtube pays per 1000 views?

How many views does it take to make money from youtube?

This is a common question asked and it really depends on who you ask.  You may have heard that you’ll make one dollar per thousand views or that it’s $1,000 per Million Views. Some say it’s $10 per thousand views.

The real fact is that Youtube doesn’t pay per views. You don’t make money based on the number of views you have.  You make money from Youtube based on people’s engagement with the advertisements. Engagement here means clicking or watching an ad for more than 30 seconds.

Now you are thinking youtube pays too less money to show ads on videos. So how creators are making millions of dollar from youtube?

Except for Google Adsense, there are other ways to make money on youtube like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, paid reviews, selling products on youtube about which I have briefly discussed below.



youtube makes a profit from the advertisements only. Advertisers pay them based on the number of ads that show on a video and number of clicks that generated on a video.

Every individual account will generate some amount of money from advertisements and ultimately this amount will be transferred to youtube.

youtube keeps 45 percent amount of money with them and pay the remaining 55 percent to the Adsense account holders.

For payment, you need to provide your bank account details in Google Adsense. (Google Adsense asks to fill up payment details when your account reaches $100 payment threshold. The amount is sent to the person’s bank account in every 21st of the month.



Youtube videos are not only about shooting and viewing, but the money in there is a huge. It is possible to have a YouTube channel and actually make a lot of money out of it.

These are several ways through which you can earn huge amount of money from youtube whether your channel is monetized or not.

1) Affiliate Marketing

This is absolutely a great method to earn huge amount of money whether it is youtube or blogging.

All you need to do is pick the right product, make reviews of it and put the affiliate link of products in your description. You earn some commission per each sale you generate.

If your channel is all about technology, then make reviews of technical products and useful gadgets.

If you love to share beauty tips with your audience, then make reviews of beauty products on your channel.

If you are a gym trainer, then make reviews of gym products, health supplements etc.

If you are a passionate book reader, then make reviews and summaries of books on your channel.

There are huge options to make money from Youtube by selling affiliate products through your channel.

Affiliate Marketing- A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

2) Paid Videos Or Sponsorship

This method works great when you have established a popular channel or when you have a large audience. You will get sponsors for your videos who will pay you to show their advertisement at the start or the end of your video.

You must have seen some youtube channel promotes some other channels, applications, software, websites, e-commerce sites on their videos. This is called sponsored videos and they get paid for it.


3) Create Products And Sell On Youtube

This is another great idea to make money from youtube.

In affiliate marketing, you promote and sell other companies products. Like that You can create your own products(Ex-android applications, e-books, music, software, etc.) and sell on youtube.


4) Use Youtube To Get Traffic To Your Website

If you are a blogger, youtube will help you to get huge traffic to your website or blog. In fact, most of the blogger use youtube as a media to get traffic on their blog.

When there is more traffic on your website, ultimately your earning will increase.



You cant upload videos that contain nudity or sexual content, violent or graphic content, harmful or dangerous content, hateful content, threats, spam, misleading contents, or scams. Because these kind of contents are against the community guideline of youtube.

If you do any kind of activity that violets youtube’s community guideline youtube will strike you. After three strikes your channel will be suspended for six months.

For more information click here.



You cant upload copyrighted materials on your channel(like copyrighted video clips, music, sound effects etc). if you don’t have a legal permission of the copyright owner of the content that you are using.

If anyone does such action against the copyright policy of youtube, he will receive a copyright strike. After three strikes youtube channel got suspended for six months.

For more information click here.

How To Escape From Copyright Strikes On Youtube?

There are lots of websites on the internet who provides royalty-free materials(photos, video clips, music, sound effects etc) for commercial use.

Pexels, Pixabay Shutterstock are some of the websites from where you can download royalty free stock footage.

If you like to use background music in your videos, then Youtube’s Audio Library is an open and free source for all creators.

You can also download royalty free sound effects from Freesound, Audioblocks, Zapsplat etc.

If you got three copyright strikes, Youtube will suspend your channel for six months. Total waste of your time, resources, and hard work. You can’t make money from youtube.

Thatswhy I say, create your own original contents. Don’t use other’s copyrighted materials in your videos.

Youtube’s FAIR USE Policy

Do you like to make documentaries, news and roasting videos? Then this policy will help you a great.

According to youtube fair use policy, you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner.  But there are some restrictions.

Read This for more information.



Content ID Appeal

If you get a Content ID claim on your video that you believe is wrong, you can dispute the claim. You can dispute a Content ID claim if you have all the rights to use that copyright-protected content.

Click here to know more about content id appeal on youtube

Custom URL

You are eligible for a custom URL if your youtube channel is 30 days old having at least 500 subscribers or more.

Custom URL looks like and

You can choose a custom URL based on things like your display name, your YouTube username, or the name of your linked website.

External Annotations

This will help you to link your associated websites directly from your YouTube videos.

you’ll first need to associate your website with your YouTube channel by verifying your ownership of the domain that you want to link. Once the external annotations feature is enabled for your YouTube channel, you can divert your viewer to your website directly from your youtube videos.


CPC(Cost Per Click)

This is a more traditional way of charging for advertising. In a simple way, this is the amount that you paid per click on ads.

Some factors that affect Adsense CPC are the niche of your content, country, placement etc. Your Adsense earning totally depends upon CPC.


CPM stands for Cost Per Milli translates to Cost Per Thousand views. The CPM is the cost that an advertiser pays to show their video one thousand times.

For Example, An advertiser might have a CPM of $1. This means they pay on average $1 to show their ads to 1,000 people.


CTR stands for click-through rate means the number of clicks per impressions.

CTR is calculated as the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown. For example, if you had 3 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 3%.


I hope you got a better understanding of making money on youtube. So what are you thinking? Start your youtube channel and show your talent to the world.


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    1. hey Jere
      you are right. ClickBank offers more commission as compared to other affiliate programs.
      In fact, most of the blogger uses ClickBank affiliate program.
      I’m not trying to sell any affiliate websites.
      My motive in this article is to share knowledge about affiliate marketing and making money from it.

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